Spiritual Healing Retreat

Catskill Mountains, NY April 23-27
Do you feel like you have energetic blockages that need to be released from your life?

Are you lacking a sense of direction and clarity?

Would you like the tools and guidance to heal and transform your life?

Imagine having a safe place to be heard, seen and supported. Join us at our next Spiritual Healing Retreat to release blockages, heal pain, gain clarity and awaken your heart.

This is a co-ed experience designed to help you breakthrough, activate deep healing and raise your vibrational energy.

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What you will experience at this retreat

Learn how to harmonize your feminine/masculine energies

Jake does a special teaching to help you understand these energies, along with embodiment exercises.

Experience Inner Child Healing

We drop in for a special guided mediation to heal your inner child. We go back to the time when you were wounded to give your inner child the love and support they need.

Learn how to set boundaries and honor your space

Jake has designed a specific exercise for setting boundaries called “The 6 Gates Of Hell” Previous guest have said its one of the most challenging things they have ever done but the most rewarding.

Releasing trapped emotions​ and cut energetic cords

We do an exercise that pin points where you have stored trauma within your body. This normally happens from some type of traumatic experience or abuse that you went through. This awareness allows you to set this energy free and activate the healing.

World class yoga classes

You will be led through two different forms, Hatha And Yin, by a lovely instructor to help you open your body and heal your temple. Increasing breath and flexibility allows you to free up space in your body to experience higher vibrational energy.

Group Energy healing

Have you ever been in a safe container of people that can hold space for you while you share your deepest wounds? It’s life changing and that is what you will experience here.

Ceremonial bonfires

Fire has been used in ceremony for thousands of years for purification and healing. We use fire in certain exercises to stoke the internal flame and purify our souls.

Story telling

Nature immersion

We use nature to connect with the Divine Mother Nature to help us reconnect to our own source. Nature vibrates in a high frequency that creates deep healing.

Breath work exercises

Jake leads breathwork exercises to help get you into your body and out of your busy mind. Change your breath, change your emotions.

Group guided meditation healing sessions

Have you ever meditated in a room full of people that were all looking to heal and transform? The energy created in this space is very powerful and healing! Jake leads you through deep healing meditations to release pain and hurt.


Sound bath healing

The practice of sound bathing, as the name suggests, is the practice of being deeply immersed in sounds and vibrations that have the power to cleanse and heal. It is a journey of self-discovery through deep relaxation and meditation.

Gourmet food

The food at the retreat center is prepared by world class gourmet chefs that have cooked all around the world. Most of the food used for cooking is grown on the land of the retreat center and it’s main ingredient is love! Previous guest have said its the best food they have ever eaten.

The energy vortex

Life long connections and friendships with other conscious people

One of the most comment things we hear from previous retreat guest is they feel like they have met their “soul family.” You will meet people at a level of deep trust and understanding.

And much more!

Save $500 When You Register By Friday (1/24/20)!

Masculine/ Feminine Embodiment

Learn the differences between masculine and feminine energies. Understand how sexual polarity plays a crucial role in your relationships. Embody each of the energies through different exercises.

Inner Child Healing

Learn how to heal your inner child by giving them the love and support that they always needed. Merge with your childlike innocence, playfulness and joy once again.


Learn how to breathe properly and in a way that creates more energy and can help reduce stress. Breathwork can help to bring up stored trauma in the body and activate the releasing of it. The breath is the first thing you are born with and the last thing you die with. Change your breath, change your emotions.

Setting Boundaries

Learn to set boundaries in a healthy way. We all need to be able to say "no" at times. Most of us fear upsetting other people because of the guilt we carry and inability to speak our truth. By learning to honor your space, other people will begin to show you more respect.

Healing Wounds and Trauma

Most of us carry energetic wounds from previous trauma and hard life experiences. By identifying those blocks, you can begin to remove what doesn't serve your highest good. We focus on cutting energetic cords through releasing and forgiveness.

Guided Meditation

Experience dropping deep into group healing guided meditations to connect with your heart and soul. The power of meditation is in the stillness to be able to see how busy your mind is. Through meditation you can begin to quiet your mind.

Below are pictures from previous retreats

You find yourself wondering, why hasn’t it “worked”?! I’ve done years of therapy, meditation, and read tons of personal growth books, yet I still feel kind of empty and unaccomplished. There must be something wrong with me. I must be flawed. And I’m exhausted!

Take a look below at what some of the other previous
guest have said after attending one of the retreats...

In my life this is the healthiest thing I've done for myself. I remember counting my days down I couldn’t wait to experience this transformation. Healers such as Jake are beautiful and he helped me open my heart and feel safe to tell my story. This is definitely something you should experience!

Jasmine Martinez

I was hesitant to make the investment in Jake's retreat at first, but something told me to go for it. I can honestly say this experience was worth 10x what he charges. You truly cannot put a price on releasing emotional baggage and chains that have been dragging you down for decades. Jake truly helped me overcome problems I have been experiencing for a decade now. If you are on the fence, just go!

Ryan Scribner

This experience was not only eye opening but heart and soul opening! The space is sacred and rejuvenating. The food was great. The people were loving and accepting without judgement. To say I learned a lot would be an understatement. The techniques taught for healing during this retreat are life-changing....skills that will stay with me. I am truly grateful to have shared this experience with my soul family.

LaShaya Walker

I’ve never been so raw and vulnerable in front of anybody. This retreat has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life; it helped me to open my eyes and my heart. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to feel such a deep connection and unconditional love for a group of complete strangers. The energy of every single person there was so pure. Thank you Jake, for holding the sacred space for all of us.

Maria Molchanova

The retreat! What an emotional roller coaster ride! Because of the exercises of inner child meditation, deep conversations, setting boundaries, and Jake's teachings, it brought up deep feelings. There was ,laughter, crying, screaming and yelling but most of all the love I developed. But at Jake's retreat you are safe, included and YOU MATTER!! In result what more could you ever need than a development of love and self worth. Very exciting emotional development. You are important. Especially to yourself. I feel great! I can move forward in my life!

Jeremy Santa Cruz

Words cannot express the radiant joy I have now then when this year started. I had a breakdown and was finally ready to invest in myself. Not just to do things I like but, to dig deep into myself and release everything that I have held in. I strongly believe God works in beautiful ways and has guided me down this path to do the inner work with Jakes help. Attending his Spiritual Retreat in June 2019. Jake has helped me change my mindset and see a clearer perspective of things!

Judith Lopez

Save $500 When You Register By Friday (1/24/20)!

Sample Day Of The Retreat.

7 - 7:45am Guided Meditation ~ Healing The Inner Child
8 - 9am Breakfast
9 - 11:45am Group Soulwork ~ Harmonizing The Masculine And Feminine Energies, training and embodiment exercises
12 - 1pm Lunch
1 - 4pm Self-reflection Time-Sound Bath Healing
4 - 6pm Group Soulwork Exercise ~ Cutting energetic cords
6 - 7pm Dinner
7:30 - 8:00 pm Group Energy Healing Meditation
8:15pm - 9:15 - Ceremonial Bonfire

Spiritual Retreat Details.


Thursday April 23rd- Monday April 27th, 2020


Check in to retreat facilities is at 3:00pm EST. We will begin at 4:30PM EST with an opening welcoming ceremony followed by dinner and other evening activities.


The retreat facility is located in Phoenicia, NY. The exact location will be provided after booking.
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Jake Woodard.

Jake Woodard is a Spiritual Healer, Author and the host of The Awake With Jake Show Podcast.
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